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Electronic entry book prevents fraud as single scan speeds process

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2011

This project has been called, “The single most important step undertaken in the last several decades by any register in this state to stem the tide of real estate fraud,” by the General Counsel of a major title company. The Register of Deeds office created an Electronic Entry Book to show the date and time of all documents received in the office even if they have not been completely processed for recording. Having the name of the first Grantor and the first Grantee prior to recording allows searches to be made by the public for certain documents that have not yet been officially recorded. The entire day’s incoming mail, hand deliveries, Fed-Ex and overnight deliveries appear in that specific day’s entries in the Electronic Entry Book, even though the normal processing may not have been completed. The Entry Book allows the viewing of each document in its entirety from the time it is imaged into the system until the document is processed for recording or rejected for failure to meet recording requirements. It is this time span where fraud may be detected with an entry book system. Being able to review everything that is being submitted to the Registrar’s Office within a certain time span is crucial to the recording companies.