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Circuit court progress duty tracking dashboard promotes accountability

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2012

Reduction of staff and steadily rising court cases being filed contributed to court filings falling way behind in processing. A system was needed that tracked what work needed to be done, who was responsible for that work and what the current status of each job duty was. In response, Macomb County started a program to monitor the court section of the clerk’s office. This program was initiated through a Google spreadsheet, as part of the office’s Google Apps for Government service. The advantage to this type of spreadsheet is that anyone granted access will have up-to-date live information. A designated few have edit rights as back-ups to the chief court clerk. All others have read-only rights. This system has improved workload in the court section and has allowed this section to maintain a current status in most of the pleadings waiting to be processed. Before this spreadsheet was created, the staff was 5+ days behind in most sections.

Ms. Crystal Brenner
Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Office