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FastPass system allows customers to avoid waiting in line

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2012

Long lines and overcrowded waiting rooms are often the image of many county clerk offices around the country. In Macomb County, The vital records section of the clerk’s office processes over 180 transactions per day, with many of these customers arriving between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The customers must complete a form, wait in line, see a clerk, wait for the clerk to process the customer’s document or request, pay for the transaction, and finally receive their document. At the busiest times, or when the office is short-staffed, this can increase wait times for customers dramatically. In response, Macomb County created its Fast Pass system to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the introduction of the Fast Pass system, customers have the option to schedule an appointment on the county clerk’s website by indicating what type of service they want and by providing their contract information. After the customer completes their request and application, they are given the option of paying by credit card using Google Checkout, or choosing to pay once they arrive at the office. When the customer arrives for their scheduled appointment, they check in at a public computer terminal in the clerk’s lobby, or via their Internet-enabled phone. Counter clerks are instantly notified that a Fast Pass customer is in the lobby. Clerks are also able to see the schedule in advance, along with a performance record. With this program, customers visiting the clerk’s office can schedule an appointment in advance, allowing the customer to skip the wait in line. This also allows the clerks to prepare the customer’s order in advance. Most importantly, this shifts the demand during the busy times to the less busy times, allowing staff time to complete work and customers to be spread throughout the day. This program has increased efficiency in the clerk’s office dramatically. On top of this, the program has also boosted staff morale, as their work load is now more manageable. Furthermore, customers are far more satisfied with this program as it allows them to spend minimal time at the clerk’s office. In all, this program is a great success for the county.

Ms. Crystal Brenner
Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Office