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Online mortgage redemption service helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and save money

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2012

In order for a property owner facing foreclosure to retain his/her property, he/she must come up with an exact amount of money owed, including pro rata taxes, insurance and utility payments, by a given date. That amount of money is very hard to calculate as it is based on the amount of the sale, the daily interest amount given at the sale and other costs and interest such as insurance, utilities and taxes. The county has access to all the information needed to calculate this amount, along with the tools needed to perform the calculation and therefore, established the Online Mortgage Redemption Service to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and save money. Homeowners whose properties have been sold at a sheriff’s sale can request the redemption amount, the amount required to save their home, from the register of deeds office online for a very low cost. Other mortgage industry agencies charge much more for this service. The register of deeds office has access to all information needed to calculate this amount. Homeowners can easily request this information from the county register of deeds office for a very low cost, allowing them access to the correct amount needed to redeem their home. This can make it possible for a person to save his or her home from foreclosure. There were almost 50 residents that took advantage of this system last year alone.

Ms. Crystal Brenner
Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Office