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Community Corrections Pretrial Services

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2013

There is a growing consensus in favor of reducing the use of pretrial detention and, whenever possible, encouraging the use of alternative measures, such as release on bond with appropriate conditions. The views on pretrial detention are based on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty afforded to persons accused of committing a crime. Macomb County Community Corrections Pretrial Services conducts interviews with incarcerated individuals and makes recommendations for bond type and other bond conditions. Recommendations for bond and bond conditions are made utilizing the newly developed Michigan Pretrial Risk Assessment. This statistically valid tool takes into account risk factors that could prevent the defendant from appearing for future court dates or if he/she could pose a safety risk to the community. Defendants who are facing non-assaultive felony charges and who remain in jail after their arraignment are screened. Pretrial Services staff meets with defendants to gather information about housing, employment, substance use, health concerns, and other pending legal matters in order to determine what type of bond (personal or financial) and what appropriate conditions are suitable for supervision in the Community. Pretrial Services Staff also monitors the compliance of defendants court-ordered into community based programs while on bond. Offenders are monitored for compliance and the courts are notified of their violations accordingly.

Ms. Linda Verville