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Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp Ready to Serve in a Health Emergency

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2014

The Macomb County Health Department Medical Reserve Corps (MCHD MRC) is a volunteer team housed within the Macomb County Health Department that supports the health department during emergency and non-emergency events. The team is comprised of volunteers from medical and non-medical backgrounds, and its members are trained to support the health department in its mission to “improve, promote, and protect the personal and environmental health of our residents and our communities.” The MCHD MRC currently has approximately 200 volunteers that have not only taken classroom training, but have also participated in exercises, drills and non-emergency events during the past three years. The Macomb County Health Department forecasted a need for volunteers during a public health emergency and created the team in order to fulfill staffing needs. Volunteers are trained to be familiar in emergency processes specific to the health department and will be leaders alongside health department staff during a public health emergency.

Mr. Andrew Cox
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator