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Local Government Electric Vehicle Fleet Demonstration Project

Alameda County, CA
Program Year: 2015

Electric vehicles (EVs) can play a crucial part in reducing the environmental impact of vehicle fleets in local governments, eliminating tailpipe pollution and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but fleet managers face major barriers to deploying EVs. To address these issues on a regional scale, Alameda County is leading the Local Government EV Fleet Demonstration Project, a federally funded collaborative procurement of EVs and charging stations for 10 local agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The project is the largest local purchase of EVs in the country to date – 90 all-electric vehicles have been purchased - and will have a combined benefit of $500,000 in fuel savings and 1.5 million pounds of pollution over the next 5 years. The collaborative procurement process, directed by Alameda County, consolidated 10 bids into one, achieving economies of scale, and reducing the administrative burden on vendors. As a result, the partner agencies saved over $426,000 in the purchase of new EVs and charging stations and were able to add EVs into fleets around the Bay.

Ms. Jennifer Chan
General Services Agency