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Jury room more efficient with self-service kiosks

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2015

The jury room now uses self-service kiosks to allow jurors to check-in when they arrive, complete the required questionnaire, get answers to commonly asked questions, print attendance letters and complete other juror needs. This allows the lone jury clerk to focus on more important issues to ensure the jury duty process runs smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, Internet access allows the customer to use the kiosk to do business with the clerk’s office by providing access to the clerk’s and register of deed’s web pages, which includes requests for records forms, applications and public databases. The juror can conduct clerk/register of deeds business while still in the jury room, saving them time and helping them pass juror wait time and saving time for clerks, allowing them to wait on other customers.

Ms. Crystal Brenner
Administrative Assistant, Clerk's Office