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Project Management Office

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2015

As a centralized service agency, the Macomb County Information Technology (IT) Department hosts information systems for more than 30 lines of business throughout the various departments of the County. The IT Department has undergone a complete reorganization in the past two years, beginning with a staff restructuring in March 2013 that included nearly 42 employees and the creation of a new Project Management Office (PMO). With five Project Managers, a PMO Manager, and a PMO consultant, various protocols, tools and resources were developed in-house in order to fulfill the purpose of the PMO, which is to manage the County’s Technology portfolio and projects. A new project management methodology was created that incorporates best practices from many different project management models; and related standards, policies, templates and forms for use on all projects were established. With an overwhelming number of backlog project requests and more being submitted as the need for technology increases, the result has been that projects are now effectively managed, desired outcomes are achieved, and project information is tracked and managed. The system is unique, as it incorporated staff suggestions and a variety of influences, and effective at full lifecycle management.

Ms. Sandy Jurek