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Court and Uber partner to provide jurors with free ride to jury duty at no cost to county budget

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2016

In Macomb County, Michigan, a jury summons now comes with a driver, providing door-to-door transportation from home to the Court Building, as the result of a first-in-the-nation plan by the County Clerk and Uber, at no cost to the county. The clerk and Uber created a solution for jurors who are concerned about getting to the Court Building to serve their required jury duty. Jurors now do not need to worry about directions, parking, or driving in bad weather; and, jurors can even text or talk on the phone while being driven to and from jury duty by an Uber driver. Jurors simply request a ride through the Uber app. An Uber driver that they can pre-select, shows up to drive them to the court. Through a promotional rate offered by Uber, any ride under $20 is free (which is most) and for the rides that cost more, the juror only pays the difference. The promotion is available both ways so jurors can repeat the process to get home. This program eases the jury duty process and boosts the local economy by increasing the business given to local residents that are independent contractors of Uber.

Ms. Sarah Cormier
Communications Specialist