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Juror ATM-style kiosks pay jurors in cash

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2016

Macomb County, Michigan jurors get paid in cold, hard cash during their jury duty service, giving them cash for lunch or parking or other needs. This is due to a program that enables their juror pay to be disbursed, with ATM-style kiosks supplied by the jury management system vendor, at the time of the juror’s choosing. Leaving with cash is great convenience for the juror. It allows them to pay for their parking or meals or errands in the downtown area with cash and eliminates the weeks-long wait for a paper check and the additional trip to cash or deposit the check. This program also saves time and money for county staff. Reports for checks do not need to be generated and sent, checks do not need to printed and mailed. The payment process is completely handled by the system.

Ms. Sarah Cormier
Communications Specialist