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Business Preparedness Conference

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2016

Since 2012 we have sponsored an annual Business Preparedness Conference that is designed to educate local business leaders on the various threats and hazards that can affect their business operations and provide them with the necessary information and tools to keep their businesses viable before, during and after an incident. We also utilize this conference to inform the business owners in our community of the specialized emergency services and resources that are available to them should they fall victim to an emergency or disaster. While most business owners are acquainted with fire and police services, they may be unfamiliar with our more specialized emergency services available to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from man-made and natural disasters. Through this conference we have educated over 300 business people who we were previously unable to reach with our information. Unfortunately, it is becoming more common-place that workplaces are experiencing emergency situations requiring specialized response. Any type of business can fall victim to security breaches, workplace violence, health emergencies, weather emergencies and even terrorism. The Business Preparedness Conference employs an all hazards approach to safety and security in the workplace and is intended to assist with making plans and having procedures in place for when an incident occurs. It provides businesses with the techniques and processes necessary to ensure they are prepared to respond to various emergency situations. The conference is open to and assists businesses of all sizes in the development of emergency response plans and business continuity plans that will help them survive.

Ms. Sarah Cormier
Communications Specialist