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Health Immunization Waiver Imaging and Integration

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2016

In 2015, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) changed the Public Health Administrative Rules for non-medical immunization waivers. Parents that do not want to immunize their child or children due to personal or religious beliefs must now receive education at their local Health Department to obtain a non-medical waiver in order to attend a school, preschool, or a childcare center. The Macomb County Health Department’s School Immunization Program (SIP) needed to replace its old Immunization Waiver Database (IWD) system in order to best manage the new requirements of the Public Health Administrative Rules, move from a paper-based system to electronic, and to track children with waivers during a vaccine preventable disease outbreak at a school. This was accomplished by developing and implementing a program to track, report, and electronically manage immunization waivers in the Mitchell & McCormick (M&M) Visual HealthNet (VHN) system.

Jako van Blerk
Interim CIO