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Waste Water Web Site

Macomb County, MI
Program Year: 2016

In 2010, the Public Works Office took over the Macomb Interceptor Sanitary System from the City of Detroit. Since this time, the Public Works Office has been billing communities for waste and water using the Macomb County Management and Reporting System (MCMARS) system. MCMARS is the Office of the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner’s (OMCPWC) sanitary flow data collection, data management, and reporting system. The initial use of the system was to determine flow data to be used to allocate sewer service costs for members of the Macomb County Wastewater Drainage District (MCWDD). The system is also used to identify, quantify, and display components of wet and dry weather flow in a meter district or any linear combination of a group of meter data sets. The MCMARS program was developed by the OMCPWC with assistance of Johnson & Anderson, Inc. OMCPWC wanted to allow the communities to have access to their data via a Web portal. Therefore, OMCPWC, Macomb’s Information Technology (IT) Department, and Johnson & Anderson (J&A), Inc. developed a web portal which allows communities to access approved billing data reports as well as raw and compiled flow data, precipitation data, links to meter maintenance reports, meter details – location, characteristics, and recent flow history.

Jako van Blerk
Interim CIO