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Adult Probation Distance Learning

Coconino County, AZ
Program Year: 2017
Best in Category

The Coconino County Adult Probation Department (CCAPD) implemented a distance learning component to probation supervision focusing on mentoring, cognitive behavioral interventions, employability, other criminogenic needs and gender-responsive programming via a new program called Coconino Online Probation Education (COPE) that will enable medium and high risk probationers that live in rural areas to communicate via virtual means with Probation Officers, Mentoring Specialists and mentors in Flagstaff, AZ and other areas. Objectives include: 1) Identify medium and high risk probationers residing in rural areas with reduced access to treatment, 2) Deliver online education programs to identified probationers, and 3) Deliver mentoring services to identified probationers. This expansion of services helped us to fulfill our vision of bringing cognitive-behavioral programming, employment readiness and skill building, and evidence-based probation supervision strategies to remote reaches of our County.

Ms. Jessica Drum
Public Affairs Officer