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Automated Employee Onboarding System

Alameda County, CA
Program Year: 2017

Alameda County recently made another foray to the cutting edge of innovation when the County launched its new digital onboarding system. Human Resource Services (HRS), in partnership with the Information Technology Department (ITD), planned and implemented this new system, which streamlines the process of bringing a new hire onboard by having the prospective employee fill out all the relevant new hire information online. The new system eliminates the need for candidates to make a special trip to the job site to fill out and sign stacks of paperwork prior to their hire date. It also allows them to read and certify new hire policies before they even start. All this can be done at the candidate’s own pace and in the comfort of their home – the way our digitally savvy community has come to expect. HRS and ITD led the effort in collaboration with representatives from all County departments. Working closely together, the team standardized onboarding forms and streamlined the onboarding process through automation. Human Resource Services (HRS) chose a cloud-based vendor solution (SmartERP) as the basis for the automation. Then in partnership with the Information Technology Department (ITD), the system was configured, customized, and integrated into the County’s existing HRMS ERP system. The new system consolidates and packages over 100 potential forms that needed to be completed and signed by the prospective employee. The data from these forms is stored by the system and built-in workflow now routes the forms to the appropriate County staff for review and approval.

Ms. Myrna Lopez
Intergovernmental Affairs and Civic Engagement