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Brush Truck and Tanker Retrofit Program through a Public-Public Partnership

Camden County, GA
Program Year: 2017
Best in Category

Camden County, Georgia Fire Rescue is a rural fire department and not dependent on pressurized fire hydrants. We rely heavily on water tankers to bring us fire suppression water. Our previous brush trucks were a 1968 converted military surplus truck and a 1993 converted military surplus truck. Both of these vehicles had reached their end of life usefulness and were very expensive to maintain. The tankers that these trucks replaced were a former dump truck converted to a tanker and a former garbage truck converted to a tanker. This program utilized 3 relatively new military surplus trucks to combine the needs of tankers and brush trucks into one vehicle that could carry large amounts of water, pump water and be able to go off-road for woods fires.

Shannon Nettles
Management Analyst