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Boards and Commissions

Alameda County, CA
Program Year: 2018

Managing the membership of various boards, committees and commissions administered by the County has always been a laborious and time intensive task. This problem is not unique to Alameda County, it is a pain felt by many different government entities. Some time back, Alameda County built a legacy system that was designed to automate administration. Throughout the years, this system, while serving its core purpose, displayed many other problems and limitations, including being nearly impossible to maintain and update. The inability to upgrade the system to meet their needs led the users to investigate whether any vendors were available that could provide an off-the-shelf solution. This search proved fruitless, as each vendor fell short of the desired functionality. At this point, the Clerk of the Board engaged the services of the Alameda County Information Technology Department (ITD) to modernize the aging system. In 2017, ITD embarked on the conversion of the existing legacy system to the Salesforce platform. In late 2017, the Boards and Commissions application was successfully released into production. This successful upgrade has now increased functionality, efficiency and enhancement capacity of the system well beyond what was previously possible.

Ms. Myrna Lopez
Intergovernmental Affairs and Civic Engagement