Places in Kane County
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town   (Incorporated Area)
Big Water
town   (Incorporated Area)
Canyon Point
Duck Creek Village
Glen Canyon
town   (Incorporated Area)
Kanab (County Seat)
city   (Incorporated Area)
Mount Carmel
town   (Incorporated Area)

US Census Definitions:
Place: A concentration of population either legally bounded as an incorporated place, or identified as a Census Designated Place (CDP) including comunidades and zonas urbanas in Puerto Rico. Incorporated places have legal descriptions of borough (except in Alaska and New York), city, town (except New England, New York, Wisconsin), or village.

Incorporated Place: A type of governmental unit incorporated under state law as a city, town (except the New England states, New York, Wisconsin), borough (except in Alaska and New York), or village and having legally prescribed limits, powers, and functions.