Places in Utah

Select a letter of the alphabet to view a listing of all cities within Utah beginning with that letter or select a county to view a listing of the cities within that county.


Places in Utah beginning with "A"
Place County
Abraham Millard County
Adamsville Beaver County
Alpine Utah County
Alta Salt Lake County
Altamont Duchesne County
Alton Kane County
Altonah Duchesne County
Amalga Cache County
American Fork Utah County
Anchorage Davis County
Aneth San Juan County
Angle Garfield County
Annabella Sevier County
Antimony Garfield County
Apple Valley Washington County
Arcadia Duchesne County
Arches Grand County
Arsenal Davis County
Aurora Sevier County
Austin Sevier County
Avon Cache County
Axtell Sanpete County
Note: The above listing includes cities, towns, boroughs and communities based on the US Postal Service mail delivery.